On October 20th, Ambition will join 25 leading technology solutions as a featured presenter for the 1st Annual Sales Acceleration Technology Summit. 25 Sales Stack Experts. 30+ Tech Solutions. One Huge Opportunity to Accelerate Sales.

Hosted by InsideSales.com, the goal of this virtual event is to bring together the leading minds in sales acceleration technology for a daylong series of online presentations covering the most pivotal types of technology available to today's Chief Executives, Sales and Marketing VPs, Operations Leaders and Frontline Managers.

Presentation Details 

Ambition was handpicked to present a 30 minute video on behalf of our software category: Sales Performance Management. And because we are incapable of phoning it in, we went all out. 

Sales Performance Management

Presenter: Jeremy Boudinet. Ambition Director of Marketing

Audience: C­hief Executives, Sales VPs, Sales Ops, Business Analysts, Sales Managers.

Preview: Inside sales and sales development are a grind. Your reps live in a world where data matters more than ever, so to maximize the performance of your reps you have to be more willing than ever to pull back the curtain with transparency and empower them to deliver.

Register: Sales Acceleration Technology Summit Event Page

Summit Details 

The Sales Acceleration Technology Summit assembles the world’s leading experts in the rapidly growing multi­-billion Sales Acceleration Technology Market. 

Date: Thursday, Oct 20th, 2016. 9:00am - ­3:00pm PT.

Audience: C­hief Executives. Sales and Marketing VPs, Directors, Managers and Ops. 

Preview: Learn the top opportunities and solutions for accelerating sales in short 15­-30 minute online presentations from 25 of the brightest minds in sales technology.

Register: Sales Acceleration Technology Summit Event Page

Watch Our Presentation Now

Can't wait for the Summit? Got a conflict that day? No problem. We're hosting the presentation recording on the Ambition Academy right now. You can also request a copy via email - just contact jeremy.boudinet@ambition.com.

We're exciting to introduce you to Sales Performance Management - one of the newest, most exciting and most pivotal parts of the modern sales stack. Check out our video introduction and watch ChowNow VP of Sales Drew Woodcock showcase how he uses Ambition to manage and drive performance across his sales development, field sales, client success and marketing teams. 

Click here to access the video download page.

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