Call Coaching Alone Doesn't Cut It Anymore

To see real results, your coaching strategy must be more than call recordings. By integrating pipeline review, skills practice, and methodology training into 1:1s and team meetings, reps will become more productive and effective, improving their win rate by 1% year over year.

Hear how these leading sales coaches are improving the selling skills of their reps.
Enroll Reps in Learning Tracks, When They're Ready

Frontline Sales Managers Are Your Force Multipliers


of corporate initiatives
die in middle management.

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This does not have to be your sad story. Consider your managers the “bridge” between your initiatives and the frontline. If they’re enabled with Ambition Coaching Orchestration™, your company wins.
Facilitate More Efficient 1:1s and Team Meetings

Facilitate More Efficient 1:1s and Team Meetings

Standardize, keep record, and document developed in Ambition 1:1 and group check-ins. See performance metrics and trends alongside key discussion topics and action items to host a more meaningful coaching moment.

Build Customizable Coaching Cadences

Offering prescriptive off-cycle coaching cadences, like new hire onboarding or a PIP, give your frontline managers the confidence to do their job -- and be exceptional. Ambition Coaching Cadences always include multiple automated steps for a manager or rep to complete to demonstrate mastery.

Build Customizable Coaching Cadences
Measure the Effectiveness of Your Coaches

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Coaches

Are my coaches coaching? This question used to rely on anecdotal evidence, but can now be answered definitively with Ambition. Gain visibility into coaching activities and measure the effectiveness of your managers with our Manager Accountability Analytics.

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