Ambition TV Native to Chromecast

In the past, Chromecast was continually live-streaming your desired browser's tab. Now, Chromecast transfers the desired tab's URL from your computer to the Chromecast device - which means better performance and zero need to keep the existing tab up-and-running. 

Ambition TVs will automatically detect an available Chromecast device and display the icon below. Once clicked, you can close the tab (and even turn off your computer) without disrupting anything. Another day, another feature focused on making your Ambition experience even better. 

Sandbox Mode and File Processing Mode for Integrations

Sandbox Mode

Every new integration now has Sandbox mode enabled by default.

The benefits of Sandbox mode are that:

  • All created metrics within sandboxed integration will be hidden across the user-facing site
  • All uploads and corresponding records/metrics can be checked from within the integration
  • Malformed files will not block the processing queue
  • Test files can be purged as necessary

Once testing is complete and you are comfortable exposing this new integration and it's corresponding metrics to your users simply toggle Sandbox Mode to Disabled. 

File Processing Mode

We've now created two distinct file processing modes:

  • Relaxed - Malformed files are ignored
  • Strict - Malformed files block the processing queue

All existing integrations are Strict mode which means (as some of you are very aware) that when your system sends a bad file we must work together to diagnose/fix the issue and skip the file. This is great for a) quality control and b) when processing order determines metric accuracy... not great when certain legacy systems send irrelevant files.

All new integrations will start with Relaxed mode but this can easily be changed as necessary.  

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