Ever wondered how actual sales leaders use Ambition?

For the 3rd time, an Ambition admin is pulling back the curtain and walking through his company's Ambition account. In this 30 minute webinar, AMX Logistics General Manager Jared Moore will show how he uses Ambition to:

  1. Manage and motivate his brokers.
  2. Sync McLeod and Salesforce.
  3. Track custom goals and KPIs.

Ever wanted to see Ambition in action? Register now. See you Wednesday!

How I Use Ambition

Learn More About Ambition

Ambition’s acclaimed employee productivity platform gives 360° visibility into individual and team performance.

Create accountability and recognition with live performance data from any data source. Track and broadcast key metrics to personalized dashboards and office TVs. Put holistic goals right in front of your reps. Compare activity level and goal attainment across teams to see how hard and how smart your reps are working. Benchmark success for teams, roles and individuals, then drive results via automated scorecards, contests, recognition and reporting.

Perfect for front office teams that value performance-driven culture and transparent operations, Ambition is a Harvard Business Review and AA-ISP endorsed solution for driving frontline revenue. See how clients like PwC, Lyft, Wayfair, FiveStars, Total Quality Logistics, and Outreach use Ambition.

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