Learn more about the top 12 account based marketing tools for 2017 in this part of the 2017 Trends and Tech Guide for B2B Sales & Marketing from Ambition today!

The 2017 Trends and Tech Guide for B2B Sales and Marketing is a brand-new eBook by Prezi, Ambition, and LeadGenius. The premise: 9 high-level overviews of the most pivotal trends impacting B2B sales, marketing, support and operations. An accompanying guide profiles 112 software tools that solve the most pivotal needs for B2B business teams in 2017 and beyond.


Each chapter inside the 38 page eBook focuses on a particular trend, lists the needs associated with that trend, and ends with software profiles of 10-15 tools most likely to help. To give you a primer, here's a look at the software tools designated best-in-class for account based marketing.

The 12 Best Account Based Marketing Tools for 2017

#1. LeadGenius. Intelligent prospecting to find key decision-makers.

As your target database begins to grow, LeadGenius helps you prune prospects, cultivate customers, and zero-in on company decision-makers. Use it to ditch bad leads, unearth new stakeholders and decision-makers, and scale your best-performing campaigns with A/B test-ready email outreach capabilities. Plus, you get unlimited users, so you can scale up without scraping the bottom of your budget barrel.

Cost: $$$. 

This account based marketing tool is best for sales and marketing teams that want to function as two limbs of the same organism, supporting each other’s goals, evolving together, and perfecting the buyer journey.

LeadGenius Account Based Marketing

#2. DiscoverOrg. Automate and integrate prospect targeting and tracking.

The foundation of a successful, scalable B2B sales process lies in your list of target accounts. The more extensive, accurate, and in-depth your list of contacts and their prospect accounts, the better your chances of scaling your sales and marketing efforts. Enter DiscoverOrg. This is the most robust solution in sales and marketing intelligence on the planet. Get full contact lists that auto-update (in your CRM!) as prospect and account information changes. Email, phone, social info, organizational charts and buying trigger data are all included.   

Cost: $$$-$$$$. 

This account based marketing tool is best for sales teams selling complex deals to accounts with multiple decision makers.

DiscoverOrg ABM

#3. Datanyze. Data-driven prospecting, insights and automation.

Datanyze is like a secret sales agent that really wants to get to know you. Use it for unparalleled competitor analysis, building and vetting prospects, and organizing key targets -- plus, see tough-to-find info, such as which targets have adopted or dropped competitors, or who’s visiting your site and why (without them having to fill out a single form). Datanyze lets you build targeted lists via LinkedIn Sales Navigator, import them directly into Salesforce, and basically equips your sales team to storm markets and capture revenue.  

Cost: $$-$$$. 

This account based marketing tool is best for hard-hitting sales organizations that are ready to fight the competition using hyper-targeted information and gutsy tactics.

Datanyze logo

#4. DataFox. Take command of prospect data with automated health checks.

A healthy prospect database is essentially a contact list with the following 3 characteristics:  appropriate targets, accurate data, and properly enriched prospect and account information. If one or more of those components is missing from your current database, it’s time to bring in DataFox. This is a great solution that assesses the overall health and quality of your data, identifies and resolves discrepancies, and enables you to quickly discover and add targeted accounts and prospects on the fly. For good measure, DataFox also has a Company Signals feature that adds continuous value and insight to your prospecting efforts.

Cost: $$. 

This account based marketing tool is best for sales and marketing organizations frustrated by dirty and missing prospect data.

datafox account based

#5. ZenProspect. Precision prospecting, unified outreach + high-quality leads.

ZenProspect is the only complete, all-in-one sales intelligence and automation tool on the market, letting you target prospects and accounts based on key data points like industry, company size, role, and existing technology in use. Import leads directly into your CRM, along with all of their current contact information and relevant metrics. Run outbound email and call campaigns complete with scheduling, segmentation, messaging analytics, and A/B testing, all from a single interface.

Cost: $$-$$$. 

This account based marketing tool is best for B2B sales and marketing teams who want to synchronize, streamline, and spruce up their prospecting process.

zenprospect account based sales and marketing

#6. LeanData. 360° lead management for the sales team with no time to lose.

The more disciplined, strategic, and coordinated your sales lead management, the higher the returns from all your sales and marketing efforts. Unlike the prototypical CRM or Marketing Automation platform, LeanData focuses exclusively on all things lead management. Get total transparency on attribution, routing, workflow, and sales cycle progression with drag-and-drop self-serve interfaces and visually compelling real-time reporting.

Cost: $$. 

This account based marketing tool is best for sales organizations that lack coordination and insight into sales lead management.

leandata account based marketing

#7. InsideView. Precision targeting for B2B sales and marketing.

InsideView starts with major league account and prospect intelligence, and from there, leads your sales and marketing efforts to the promised land. The targeting intelligence capabilities of InsideView are threefold: key data points for prospects and contacts, real-time insights from social and press sources, and a view into your connected network within each account. The platform itself leverages all this data by syncing it with your existing CRM and marketing automation solutions, and embedding relevant intelligence throughout your workflow and funnel. The definition of actionable intelligence and transparency into all your key accounts.

Cost: $$-$$$. 

This account based marketing tool is best for account-based teams and challenger sales organizations with complex sales cycles.

InsideView ABM

#8. Engagio. Run account-based everything, anywhere.

Engagio is leading the account-based movement with a complementary platform that syncs directly to existing marketing automation solutions. Engagio adds value by equipping marketing, sales, and customer success with account-centric analytics and orchestrated outbound interactions. Account insights range from who to target, who’s engaged, and which accounts are getting touched by marketing and sales. If those numbers are important, yet foreign, to your current strategy, give Engagio a look.

Cost: $$-$$$. 

This account based marketing tool is best for companies that are running account-based anything.

account based marketing software

#9. Terminus. Scalable, simple account-based marketing for ABM newbies.

Terminus brings an amazing level of simplicity and scalability to marketing teams that in the beginning stages of scaling their strategies. Using the platform’s sleek, no-nonsense interface, B2B marketing leaders can set up and run tailored campaigns in 3 easy steps. If you’re new to ABM and need a platform that can show you the ropes while you see your strategy through to completion, Terminus is a great option.

Cost: $$-$$$. 

This account based marketing tool is best for entry-level account-based marketing teams using Salesforce.


#10. Demandbase. End-to-end account-based marketing, ready to go big.

Demandbase is built to tackle all four corners of an account-based marketing strategy, offering robust solutions for identifying target accounts, running tailored advertising campaigns, routing insights to sales, and analyzing your sales funnel through an ABM lens. Huge value for committed account-based organizations looking to ramp up ABM efforts.  

Cost: $$-$$$. 

This account based marketing tool is best for mid-market and enterprise B2B companies leveraging an account-based marketing strategy.

demandbase abm

#11. Nudge. Up-to-the-minute prospect insights from all around the internet.

An excellent prospect information aggregator, Nudge plugs into Gmail and shows you comprehensive information on your prospect as well as their company, including latest news, press hits, social media posts, and more. Nudge is a great tool for discovering your prospect’s social channels, gaining insight into their behaviors, and getting timely updates on the state of the accounts you’re trying to close.

Cost: $-$$. 

This account based marketing tool is best for B2B sales reps with larger target accounts and more complex sales processes.

nudge abm

#12. Owler. Ad hoc investigative insights for teams with zero time for research.

Researching a prospect can help you walk into a meeting and use their own words to sell them on your solution. Owler lets you do efficient, on-the-spot research on prospects -- for free -- and offers comprehensive insights that you can modify and slice as you see fit.

Cost: $. 

This account based marketing tool is best for B2B reps pitching solutions to hard-to-impress decision-makers.


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