We're excited to share 7 major upgrades to Ambition Triggers! Publicize success, recognize employees, and automatically notify your office of major achievements - without lifting a finger. 

Thanks to the dozen or so customers who have asked for these requests! Check them out individually below.

Trigger Update #1. Reference Specific Record Fields

You can finally utilize a record's fields as variables within a Trigger's message. This works for both API and Salesforce data, we have you covered!

ambition triggers

Trigger Update #2. Trigger Custom Messages in Slack

Our popular Slack integration also has custom message capabilities.

slack triggers for sales

Trigger Update #3. Custom Messages on Ambition TV

Send a message to your sales bullpens and call centers in the most auspicious way possible. Include it in an Ambition TV notification with custom YouTube clips, GIFs, and images.  

sales tv notifications

Trigger Update #4. Customize Email Messages

Not into TVs or Slack? Slide recognition messages straight into the inbox and give coast-to-coast recognition for sales rep achievements. 

email alerts on sales performance

Update #5. Introductory Audio for Ambition Anthems

In addition to the traditional five-second countdown that plays before User Anthems on Ambition TV, managers can now set an optional audio clip (like a gong) to set the table in even more epic fashion.

ambition tv intro

Update #6. Full Control over TV Trigger Volume

You can now control the volume of Trigger Introductions and Anthems. Make more important Triggers are louder than others. Take public recognition to the next level by getting everybody's attention!

TV volume screenshot

Update #7. Load TV Anthem Videos Before Timer Starts

For those of you with slow(ish) internet connections, rejoice! We won't start the anthem's timer until the actual video loads, this means no more 1-5 second buffering that keeps everybody from enjoying the full duration of a given anthem.



Trigger Message Fields


Pre-Anthem "Intro" Audio for TV Triggers


Ability to Customize TV Trigger Volume


TV Anthem Buffer/Load Handling

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