Do you hear that buzz of clicking keyboards and the frantic scribblings by your sales teams right now?

Unfortunately for sales leaders, as September approaches, that buzz isn’t reps scouring Linkedin for prospects or honing their pitch; it’s the gravitational pull of intense research on players and teams, draft order preparation, and the competitive banter as leagues assemble and prepare for the start of Fantasy Football Season. 

I can hear you groan right now: Here we go again. 

But what if you could harness that same energy and excitement that captivates so many of your people for 16 weeks every fall and winter - and use it to drive energy on your sales floor?

When we founded Ambition, we had a lightbulb moment while speaking to millennial sales reps about what engaged them at work, and how they interacted with their coworkers around fantasy football. 

So we built the first Fantasy Football for Sales competition engine. And we were blown away by the results. 

“Literally we doubled billings by 100% (in two hours)...You turn that thing on, and all of a sudden everybody is in the highest possible gear…You’re thinking, ‘I didn’t know we could do that’.” - Ryan McAnn, Senior Director, Americas Sales at Apple FileMaker Division

We want to help you use our product and fantasy framework to drive similar increased activity, competitiveness, and authentic excitement in your team. 

The process is simple: 

  1. Define the core Activity Score(s) for your sales roles. 
  2. Create teams to compete. 
  3. Align incentives with the business objectives. 
  4. Choose a competition length. 
  5. Press start. 

Activity Scores are the day-to-day or weekly actionable metrics your reps execute in their role to drive toward their objectives and goals. Hopefully, you have transparent baselines or benchmarks for these activities, which you can set in Ambition along with weighted values (just like touchdowns, yards, and catches in Fantasy Football). 

“It wasn’t just about carrot-and-stick motivation (like traditional leaderboards), but rather about prolonged discipline.” - Harvard Business Review, The Sales Director Who Turned Work into a Fantasy Sports Competition

Let’s say you have an inside sales team, and you expect them to make 40 calls per day, set 3 meetings, and create 1 new opportunity. 

Ambition unlocks the excitement in daily blocking and tackling by turning those metrics into points in our game engine. Now, small groups within your sales org can compete with one another weekly on their output and effectiveness of hitting or exceeding target daily benchmarks. 

Talk about using fun to drive accountability

At Clayton Homes, a Berkshire Hathaway company, the Harvard Business Review found the impact of utilizing Ambition’s Fantasy Football competitions drove not only an increase in outbound calls by 18%, but also increased positive call disposition transfers 8x. Those funnel improvements led to a whopping 200% increase in leads visiting a physical store. 

Aligning these metrics and incentives with business goals and process is critical for outcome results. For example, Allegis Group's domestic team ran fantasy-football themed contests, while the EMEA group utilized the same platform for a World Cup-themed competition, driving 25% lift in activity versus the previous year. 

More activities + alignment on quality = more business in our sales funnel.

The best part is, whether your team is 20 reps, 100 reps, or like Allegis (thousands of reps) - Ambition’s sales management platform and Fantasy Football sales competition builder can work and deliver results for you.

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