The Future of Effective Sales Coaching Starts with Better Impact Analytics


Today, I’m thrilled to announce a major addition to Ambition and step forward on our quest to maximize sales team performance and sales coaching success. (See Ambition CEO, Travis Truett, show some quick glimpses into the product in the video above).

Over the last five years (!!) that Ambition has had the honor of serving sales leaders and empowering salespeople and their managers, we’ve heard a recurring sentiment from our customers:

I know my new (Insert: coaching program, challenge, goal, playbook) is having an impact, I just don’t know how much or how to track it.

The challenge all sales teams face is that we’re constantly trying to improve and simultaneously searching to identify what is working  - which means adjusting sales process, coaching conversation structure, and a myriad of other incentives on an ongoing basis.

This leaves sales leaders (especially sales enablement or sales ops analysts) blind to the specific individual impact of a new program.

We are launching Coaching Attribution in Ambition to begin answering these questions. Coaching programs are the first of many modules of our platform soon to be injected with the ability to define key metric or data objectives to track the delta or improvement (or lack thereof) over time.

Ambition customers now have the ability to define an objective and correlate metrics directly to a coaching program. This means that they are able to take off their blindfolds and get visibility into the actual impact that coaching programs are having on rep and team performance, and use that insight to adjust and improve.

Our company exists to enable sales teams to optimize their why, which improves their results. And we believe delivering powerful Sales Coaching to our customers will empower them to drive to why with better transparency, recognition, motivation, accountability, and development for their people and teams.

We’re thrilled to announce this major step forward and look forward to working closely with our customers and peers to continue our quest to maximize sales team success and effective coaching.

For release notes on this feature, go here.

We’ll be rolling out the coaching product to all customers soon. If you’d like to get started with Ambition coaching today, contact your CSM or email us at

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