These days, it seems like every sales publication has *at least* one article about “culture”, but what does “building a culture” actually mean? 

Modern sales leaders know that “building a culture” really means 1.) measurable coaching programs, 2.) team-wide visibility, 3.) strategic competitions, and 4.) celebrating wins (big and small).

Not-so-coincidentally, these managers are leading the pack when it comes to building healthy pipeline, consistently hitting numbers and reducing employee churn while also increasing quota attainment

In this webinar recording, join me as I talk all about:

+ Tips for using real-time data to increase the effectiveness of 1:1s

+ The best contests to ignite the competitive spirit on sales floor

+ KPIs that every sales leader should be tracking to repeatedly hit and exceed revenue targets 

We also took your questions, so stick around for the Q&A, too. 

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