This week, we had the pleasure of hosting a (literal!) fireside chat with Paula White, the Director of Inside Sales at Bound Tree Medical.

Bound Tree is a national distributor of pre-hospital emergency medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals for EMS providers. Paula heads up a team of 30 inside sales reps and was kind enough to share the story behind a recent win for her sales team: a whopping 38% lift in call volume.

Watch the video for the full interview, or read the details below!

“If we’re not in front of our prospects, our competitors are.”

Paula understood that call volume leads to revenue — and she worked backwards from revenue goals to learn exactly what her call volume needs to be for her team to have a "good" day.

The problem: Paula's insight into call ​​​​​volume lagged 24 hours. That meant she was a full day behind when it came to knowing if her team was on track to meet goals.

Solution: Visibility 

Paula knew the answer to her problem was all about visibility. If she could give team members non-stop access to their numbers — in a digestible, visually engaging way — then they would see if they were on track. (And if not, they would know how much ground they needed to make up.) 

She was right: Her decision to provide at-a-glance, real-time insight into performance and progress, unencumbered by reports and scary raw data, directly resulted in a significant (measurable!) lift in sales floor activity.

So, how'd she do it? 

Bound Tree meets Ambition

Paula chose Ambition to deliver the visibility she knew was missing on the sales floor. Since it's been implemented, her team members have Ambition dashboards pulled up 24/7.

"Ambition is their heartbeat," Paula says.

There's more to the story, though. When the platform first launched at Bound Tree, Paula's team members felt that the data and insights weren't painting a full picture. So she made a swift, strategic shift: she measured her team's performance using a weighted combination of multiple KPIs that represented various important activities team members were completing each day.

Calls are still weighted the heaviest, but Paula began tracking other KPIs — like quotes delivered — for her team. With that one easy change, her team's scorecards now accurately represent what it takes to drive revenue.

ROI, right now

As a result of Paula's sales floor leadership and the way she's leveraging the Ambition platform, her team has seen a 38% increase in call volume. What's more: her team is energized, engaged and motivated. And — spoiler alert — they met quota. 

What can increased visibility do for you?

According to our State of Sales Performance Survey, 32% of reps say insight into numbers gets them most fired up to sell. Download the report here for more sales floor insights — and take a look at how Ambition's scorecards can increase productivity on your team.


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