Thanks to everyone that joined our co-founder Brian's webinar (The Top Sales KPIs You Aren’t Tracking) yesterday. If you missed it live, no worries! You can check out the recording below.

There were tons of awesome insights throughout the presentation, but below are the Top 3 sales nuggets that really stuck with me:

1.) If your KPIs aren’t visible, you’re losing money.

In a surprising turn, the reps we polled in our recent Sales Performance Survey said visibility was their #1 motivator. To really keep your reps fired up, you absolutely can’t silo data or share it intermittently. Keeping KPIs, metrics & goals visible holds everyone accountable to The Number.

In the webinar, Brian told a great story about how one of our customers saw an immediate 38% lift in call volume simply by giving her team real-time access to their numbers.


2.) Keeping your reps in the driver’s seat is key.

When it comes to KPIs and goal-setting, making sure that your reps are actually in control of their contributions is crucial to running a successful sales org. It may seem like a no-brainer, but setting overly aggressive and seemingly unattainable goals is a fast-track to missed quotas, burned-out teams and bummed-out execs who just want to see green.

If you set daily (or hourly) activity goals around a set of well-defined metrics and then weight activities like 'meetings set’ higher than activities like ‘emails sent’, you’re on the path to making everyone happy.

3.) Customer satisfaction is a big deal.

Ok, so maybe it’s not surprising that keeping customers happy is a solid business goal but, in the world of sales, it’s easy to get hyper-focused on new business won that we lose sight of customer health. However, according to Salesforce, if you’re not putting customers first on your sales teams, you’re already behind. In their recent 2019 State of Sales Survey, they revealed that a whopping 66% of sales teams track 'customer satisfaction' (CSAT)  as their Top KPI, edging out 'team quota' by a very narrow margin.

If you are unsure where your company stands on prioritization of customer satisfaction, now is the time to make sure everyone is aligned.

Sound off:

- What are your top KPIs?

- Are the numbers that matter visible to your entire organization?

- Does your sales org track CSAT?

Sound off on Twitter to @ambitionsales or email to keep the conversation going!


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