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As the VP of Sales at Ambition, Mark oversees a team of account executives and SDRs, each with unique goals, challenges, strengths, and growth areas. In order to coach effectively and tailor 1:1s to meet the needs of every team member, Mark has created an easy-to-follow (and copy!) framework.

Sneak a peek of Mark's sales coaching template in the short video below, and follow along as he walk us through the 5 questions he asks in his weekly 1:1s. (Or read on for the main highlights!)

Consistency is key

Mark's biggest piece of coaching advice: be consistent. Never leave your reps guessing what's coming next (or wondering what just happened). Here are some other quick tips straight from the horse's mouth:

  • Share questions ahead of time, so reps have time to reflect and prepare responses.

  • Track questions, meeting notes and action plans online and share with individual reps, so goals remain top of mind and everyone's held accountable to anything agreed upon in the 1:1.
  • Make sure questions are clear and straightforward, with a mix of observation, reflection, and application questions.
  • Celebrate every win. 

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