Yesterday, I sat down with two of Ambition’s best, Chris O’Connor (Head of Sales Development) and Garrett Sadler (Sr. SDR), to talk all about how we’ve navigated going 100% remote overnight, changes to processes, and how we've all adjusted as a revenue organization to keep numbers high. In fact, there are tons of great nuggets below in the video, but first I want to share my favorite takeaways. I feel like I learned so much, and based on your feedback, our attendees did, too!


1. PEER-LEARNING MAKES YOUR TEAM STRONGER: Peer-to-peer mentorship and sales coaching became a top way for our team to feel supported, aligned, and connected to eachother. However, this type of sales coaching only works alongside structured, consistent 1:1s with your manager (and, luckily, Chris gets high marks in that department, too). 

2. TRUST IS CRUCIAL TO WINNING BIG: Garrett raved about Ambition’s ability to allow him to embrace social selling while recognizing that this method of outbound sales isn’t going to work for everyone on your team. Playing up the individual strengths of the members of your team and creating unique scorecards for each of your reps is the hallmark of solid sales leadership.

Does giving a rep free reign to sell however they please give you the heebie-jeebies? Examine how you could improve structures of accountability and visibility to boost trust across your entire organization.

3. BREAKING UP DOESN'T HAVE TO BE HARD TO DO: It doesn’t matter if the last email you send (or break-up email, if you will) is the 15th or 25th touch in your outbound cadence, what matters is that you pull out all the stops. After all, whatcha got to lose?

So, whether it’s using video, including your dankest memes (let’s pretend people still say that), or, simply, being yourself: The last email in your outbound cadence should be direct, memorable, and make a great impression.

We *also* talked a ton about sales gamification and Chris walked us through some recent contests that got the entire team - regardless of tenure or skill level - fired up to sell. Wanna steal his secrets? You can check out his Wheel To Win (thanks, Pat & Vanna for the inspo!) here.

Going remote doesn't have to be scary, but we navigated all the spooky stuff so you don't have to.

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