We have heard about the Great Resignation and how important it is to retain top talent. What we haven’t heard enough about is how sales leaders hire and onboard new reps to ensure business continues to grow.

In order to successfully onboard new hires, it’s important to understand what exactly sales reps expect on the job—and what will keep them from having a negative outlook and a desire to churn. In a recent analysis we partnered with Forrester on, we discovered that it boils down to three main elements: performance feedback, knowledge transfer, and individual training. Part of the problem is that many managers have teams of 10+ people, making personalized goal setting and 1:1 action plans seem unattainable. That’s where sales coaching comes in.

Our Director of Sales Development, Chris O’Connor, takes you through exactly how he uses Ambition to onboard, coach, and scale the sales team. Learn how Chris quadrupled the SDR team in 7 months using Ambition’s programs in really smart ways.

In this on demand webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Track KPIs for new reps on separate scorecards
  • Onboard new hires, no matter the experience level
  • Create a culture of accountability and encouragement 
  • Use workflows to celebrate when a rep hits their first goal

Watch now and get the insider look into how our reps and our leaders continue to scale and crush goals. 


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