Nashville, Tenn. – November 4, 2021 – Ambition, the leading sales coaching platform delivering insights and gamification to drive revenue team performance, today announced the launch of its propriety integration with Gong, to enable revenue leaders to maximize their sales teams’ potential with the most robust sales coaching system, built on data intelligence, rep accountability, and real-time recognition.

The partnership leverages the strengths of Gong, the leading provider of revenue intelligence, with Ambition’s powerful insights-to-action coaching platform. The integration will be immediately available to all Ambition customers utilizing Gong’s industry-leading Revenue Intelligence products. 

“The impact of strong Sales Enablement on sales teams performance is huge. Ambition is removing all the pain of running consistent, high-quality sales coaching at scale,” said Brian Trautschold, Ambition COO, “Managers need better intelligence, for example from sales conversations, filtered and infused into truly data driven 1:1s so they can best utilize those coaching opportunities and develop talent.”  

Better sales coaching directly impacts revenue and employee retention. 

The Data: Organizations with structured sales coaching programs increased individual performance in 74% of respondents, and 65% saw increased employee retention. 

Hybrid and remote work has created new challenges for revenue leaders to communicate with, manage, and motivate their teams. Additionally, many of the “rituals” of sales managers, from face-to-face performance reviews, quick catch-ups by the coffee pot, or just walking by to hear the buzz of the sales floor, have drastically changed. 

Maximizing employee performance and engagement are now critical initiatives for enterprise revenue leaders.  

The coaching process (traditionally called Sales Management) is critical for these organizations to meet their revenue targets and coaching must be measurable and trackable by revenue and sales enablement leaders to ensure efficacy. 

For example, in a study of over 1,000 sales leaders and individual contributors, 82% of sales managers reported that they “coach their salespeople”. HOWEVER, unsurprisingly, only 48% of salespeople reported that they are being coached regularly.  

Ambition delivers a powerful, data-driven system of accountability, visibility and recognition to enable sales coaching and management at scale—regardless of where your reps are working from.

Revenue intelligence and signals are now critical for the virtual seller. The efficacy of a salesperson’s revenue and customer experience provides opportunities to coach or course correct performance. "By embedding revenue intelligence data into Ambition's coaching cadences and manager dashboards, revenue teams can now maximize rep performance and ensure visibility into rep reality—all powered by Gong," said Eilon Reshef, Gong Co-founder and CPO.

“Since joining Ambition in January, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to so many of our amazing customers—and it’s been thrilling to hear how Ambition users have been leveraging Gong and Salesforce data to infuse more intelligence in their Ambition sales performance check-ins,” said Ambition VP of Product and Engineering, Butler Raines. “Rep coaching has the biggest impact on performance. Together we’re simplifying and optimizing that process for managers.”

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About Gong
Gong enables revenue teams to realize their fullest potential by unveiling their customer reality. The patented Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform™ captures and understands every customer interaction, then delivers insights at scale, empowering revenue teams to make decisions based on data instead of opinions.  Over 2,000 innovative companies Gong to power their customer reality.  

About Ambition
We’re on a mission to help teams create momentum and achieve goals in a work-from-anywhere world. Ambition’s one-of-a-kind Sales Coaching and Gamification platform delivers the capabilities revenue leaders need to coach at scale and create amazing sales culture. The most innovative companies and dozens of Fortune 500 sales orgs rely on Ambition to drive performance and exceed expectations. 

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