As we gear up for Thanksgiving, a holiday week of gathering, remembering what we are thankful for, and celebrating being together, let's not forget the challenges we've overcome the past couple of years to get here.

This time last year, many of us were unable to risk gathering with families and friends. There were plenty of emotions and reminders of how much we missed our traditions and our people. 

This year, if you’re able to gather together and be reminded of the simple joys, we encourage you to exist right in that moment.

Our Cofounder, Brian Trautschold, said it best last year:

“Our team is now effectively remote (and we’ve seen more dogs, babies, and significant others on video calls than ever before) and it's a privilege to connect even deeper in the lives of our team and our customers. 

At Ambition, we’ve been able to grow stronger and execute with more conviction. Everything hasn’t broken our way, but we have to be thankful that we still have the opportunity to deliver enormous value to our customers. 

For the most part, our team and their loved ones have been healthy, a blessing that can no longer go unnoticed this year. 

At Ambition we still have a tremendous mission to execute and deliver. It's been important for me to reflect and be present when we see neighbors, family, and friends dealing with their own pandemic-driven challenges: from business, to health, to the stress of our collective new-normal. I’m extremely thankful and want to appreciate that opportunity, clearly defined as no longer a given in the lens of 2020.”

Another year has passed, and we have all moved forward together. We can’t wait to continue to serve our customers and keep reaching for the highest peaks as we grow. 

So thank you to everyone that makes this dream happen. We are forever grateful for you, and you make us who we are.

Wherever you gather or celebrate this Thursday - or even if you don’t observe the holiday - I hope you all can find some silver linings to be thankful for this year, and to be present in that moment. 

-The Ambition Team


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