We'll come right out and say it: not all sales coaching models are created equal. We feel (strongly) that some are better than others, and we're sure a lot of you sales leaders out there would agree.

But — even if they're not a perfect fit for your sales org — there's generally something we can learn from each of the "top" sales coaching models. Of course, it can be hard to keep the different models straight (is it even sales coaching if it's not an acronym...?). Below, we break down the names and meanings of the top 8 coaching models that have been embraced, at one point or another, by the sales community.

GROW: Goals, Reality, Options, Will

GAINS: Goal, Assessment, Ideas, Next steps, Support

CIGAR: Current reality, Ideal, Gaps, Action, Review

CLEAR: Contracting, Listening, Exploring, Action, Review

STEER: Spot the opportunity, Tailor the intervention, Explain, Encourage, Review

COACH: Clarify the issue, Open up resources, Agree on the preferred future state, Create the journey, Head for success 

ACHIEVE: Assess situation, Creative brainstorming, Hone goals, Initiate option generation, Evaluatie options, Valid action plan, Encourage momentum

OSCAR: Outcome, Situation, Choices, Actions, Review

If you really want to dive into each model, check out our in-depth post here, all about sales coaching models. And if you're ready to stop coaching with your grandpa's acronyms and move into modern day coaching style, (which includes sales scorecards, coaching templates, leveraging data visualization and more), let’s talk! 

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