Ambition's Customer Summit — the can't-miss sales leadership event of the year — is just two days away. And in honor of the big day, we're asking our speakers, guests and friends one question: if you could go back to your first day in sales, what advice would you give your younger sales self? 

Below is a roundup of some of the #RealSalesWorld lessons that our partners (and our own folks at Ambition) have shared. And hey — we want to hear from you too! Whether it was 30 years or 3 days ago: tell us the most important piece of advice you'd give to sales newbies. Post your comment or video on LinkedIn and use the tag #RealSalesWorld! (Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn so you can tune into what's happening at Wednesday's Summit!)


Pleasant Rich,


Vishal Shah, co-founder, LearnCore


Mark McWatters, VP Sales, Ambition


Travis Truett, CEO, Ambition


Jared Houghton, CSO, Ambition


Austin Braksick, Xactly Corp


Emily Walker, Customer Success, Ambition


Garrett Sadler, SDR, Ambition

Eric Boudinet, Regional Sales Director, Ambition


Head over to LinkedIn for all the #RealSalesWorld clips — and don't forget to add your own!

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