Sales Activity Tracker

How can you enable your reps to reach peak performance? Sales activity tracking software is key to ensuring your people know exactly what success looks like and how to get there.

Sales Activity Tracker

Keeping track of sales reps’ activities is critical to keeping your business running smoothly. It is often important to know what processes and strategies have been employed and how well they are working to achieve a desired goal or objective. Using a sales activity tracker, such as a special software or system, can help you organize your sales reps and define what a successful day looks like. Having a clear roadmap can help set expectations and optimize individual performance. A sales activity tracker could also be a valuable tool for ensuring that all processes in place function as intended. It could even help businesses devise more effective processes over time.

Why does this matter? Better sales processes often lead to increased revenue and more productive sales activities in the future. Understanding data-driven performance insights is crucial to evaluating—and, when necessary, improving upon—existing sales rep activities. A sales activity tracker makes this possible, allowing businesses to exercise greater control over their sales processes and gain an upper hand on their tech stack. 

Some businesses may opt to use Excel spreadsheet templates for tracking, as these can provide deep insight into quantitate sales data which can, in turn, help them make decisions around their sales reps and their activities. Companies might also use a sales tracker PDF in order to spread and convey information in a format that’s easily accessible to all players across their organization. In reality, any sort of sales tracker spreadsheet template can be useful when devising a sales activity tracking system, but ultimately, a real-time version like the Ambition Scorecard is more scalable, accurate and actionable. 

Ambition’s platform offers sales rep performance management and enterprise-grade sales coaching, analytics, and gamification software. Ambition has combined data-driven coaching with behavior-driving tools to create a platform to enable sales leaders, managers, and employees to go further faster. Ambition syncs with your CRM and tech stack, turning overwhelming data into meaningful insights. In addition, Ambition serves as your main sales coaching resource. One-on-one and team coaching programs integrate with performance metrics for a 360-degree view of each rep on your team.

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Daily Sales Tracker 

Many businesses track their sales rep activities at the end of an outlined period. Often, this coincides with quarterly sales timeframes and other pre-set goal timelines. However, not all businesses use a daily sales tracker. By creating a daily sales tracker template, a sales tracking template Excel sheet, or a sales tracker template in Google Sheets, companies can easily keep track of how their sales reps are performing and what they’re specifically doing on a given day.

The following are a few reps-centered sales metrics outlined by Ambition that may warrant daily goals in your sales force. You might consider using a daily sales tracker software or sales tracker template Google sheets to create and measure such objectives. 

Outbound Calls

Tracking your outbound calls could be an effective way to stay updated on your sales team’s performance. If you want to segment cold calls from other business calls, you can easily do so by limiting these to “new prospect calls.” Outbound calls can be tracked using a CRM or phone system.

Connect Rate

If your reps frequently call into gatekeepers, this metric comes in handy. Getting past the gatekeeper is an art in and of itself, and tracking your connect rate can help you identify the Picassos on your sales team.

Email Open Rate

This metric applies best to sales development reps that use email correspondence as the primary means to move prospects through their pipeline. Email open rate can offer great insights on messaging, subject line effectiveness, and other elements, provided you have the right controls in place—namely, limiting focus to cold emails sent prior to the prospect’s initial response.

Deals Won and Lost

It could be important to keep track of the number of contracts that are signed, sealed, and delivered. The viability of deals won as a daily sales benchmark is predicated upon volume. Likewise, you should be aware of how many worked leads are no longer viable due to signing with a competitor, losing interest, or other reasons. 

Sales Activity Tracking Spreadsheet 

With all the different processes involved in everyday business operations, it can be difficult trying to track your sales reps’ activities. For instance, certain members of your team may be heavily invested in contacting new prospects of existing customers, while others are currently focused on gathering data and putting it into a usable format. There are multiple different sales activities that businesses carry out in order to achieve their goals, which is why it’s important for them to keep track of all that’s happening at any given time.

Thankfully, a sales activity tracking spreadsheet can make your life easier. Using a spreadsheet, you can outline and detail how and when certain sales activities should happen. Having a visual representation of your progress, as well as what sales reps are in charge of what tasks, can help organize your sales process across the board and improve productivity and efficiency. A spreadsheet is designed to store, manipulate, and analyze data, so they can be a great tool for any business looking to keep better track of their data. 

A weekly sales tracker Excel template can be used to keep track of weekly sales activities. Unlike a daily sales tracker, or a more long-term tracker, such as one that observes sales activities over a period of several months. This kind of template is good for coaching, ensuring the team hits weekly targets, and monitoring your progress towards broader goals. Weekly sales templates can be used for weekly team check-ins, weekly coaching sessions, or retrospective meetings.

Tracking weekly sales activities is a great way to track progress in a way that’s immediately actionable. You can see what is working and what isn’t, and make adjustments in a relatively quick period of time. You might also consider using a weekly sales report template Word document, which largely functions like an Excel tracking sheet, but is used in Word. There are many different templates and spreadsheets you can try out, depending on the software and systems your business has in place. Your aim should be to find a tracking sheet that works best for your organization.

Monthly Sales Tracker Template 

While daily and weekly sales trackers are useful for monitoring short-term sales activities, a monthly sales tracker template allows businesses to manage their processes over a longer timeframe. Running a monthly sales report template lets you see end-of-month numbers or monthly retrospectives on how the team is performing. This is a great way to get a broad view of how you are progressing toward quarterly goals in particular. You can also compare your numbers month over month to identify what’s working and where you may need help with coaching. 

As with daily or weekly sales trackers, it’s important to work on tailoring your monthly templates to your business model and objectives. Not every company operates according to the same standards and workflows, so if possible, you should work within your existing operational structures in order to minimize the extra hassle associated with  completely overhauling the system. You could also make a monthly sales tracker Excel template to measure quantitative factors involved with your monthly sales processes.

One of the more notable advantages of using a monthly template is that it can give you a better overview of bigger picture sales rep activities and goals. Doing something on a daily, or even weekly basis may not yield quantifiable results, but by repeating that same process day after day over the course of a month or more, you can gain a thorough understanding of what your sales reps are doing and how well they’re managing different aspects of the sales process. 

Online Sales Tracker Template 

Whether you’re looking for a retail sales tracker, a general sales tracker, or anything in between, it pays to do your research and look around for the best options for your unique business goals. No two businesses are alike, but there are many different options available to suit your needs in a variety of circumstances. 

An online sales tracker template is a great way to start tracking your sales rep processes. You can download one from various sites, including Ambition, or schedule a free demo to see our scorecard and dashboard products in action. Ambition also offers free sales report templates via a sales template library. You can download, copy, and use these report templates to provide complete visibility for your executive leadership team, your managers, reps, and more. 

Ambition’s sales report templates provide the exact KPIs you should measure and report on daily, weekly, or monthly. You could make copies of the templates and fill in your team information and your real numbers. These sales templates could prove to be an asset for sales managers aiming to increase visibility, motivation, and performance for both in-office and remote sales teams. Ambition’s executive scoreboard template helps teams track sales activities, and our SDR/BDR scorecard can be used by your outbound sales reps. 

Ultimately, the online sales tracker template you end up using should reflect your company’s sales processes and what you’re hoping to accomplish at the end of the day. While there are various moving components involved with sales tracking, these tasks and procedures can be made easier by utilizing optimized templates and trackers to help keep things better organized.

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