Sales Tracking Tools

Tired of toggling between multiple data sources? Too busy to pull reports? Find out how to simplify sales tracking and house your data under one platform with Ambition.

Sales Tracking Tools

Sales tracking tools exist to help manage and track all aspects of the sales process. Sales manager tracking tools can be especially useful to sales managers, but there are other tools available that can benefit those across your sales team. Tracking tools are best used alongside manual sales processes and activities, as there is no replacement for actual human involvement. A sales tracker CRM can be used to keep track of customer data and allow businesses to manage relationships with those they serve.

The Ambition platform brings together all of your sales performance data so that you can measure, coach, and manage your sales teams from one central platform. You can sync your CRM, dialer, or any part of your sales tech stack with Ambition to turn static dashboards into sales TV leaderboards, real-time alerts, sales scorecards, coaching attribution metrics, and more. 

Sales tracking tools play a crucial role in managing your overall sales process, and Ambition’s integrations make it possible for you to keep track of things in one platform. With Ambition’s Salesforce integration, you can gamify and coach your CRM data with Salesforce and Ambition; the Slack integration enables users to increase motivation, recognition, and productivity. Ambition offers a number of other integrations, including Microsoft Teams, Dialsource, and Cisco.

Ambition also offers API integration in which the platform provides organizations with the ability to programmatically send Ambition data to be processed and displayed across the platform. This is the perfect option for connecting data warehouses and third-party software. You can enable as many API integrations as needed to capture your entire activity pipeline. Ambition provides a number of different services and integrations so that you can manage your sales tracking tools and stay on top of your sales game. While there’s no doubt as to the importance of tools such as these, it’s equally as important to manage them effectively.

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Sales Tracking Software

Sales tracking is difficult for a number of reasons, but it can be made easier with sales tracking software. The best sales tracking software should provide relevant insights and allow you to view and analyze your data within a centralized location. In this way, it’s much more simple to track various aspects of your sales process and remain up to speed on what might need to be changed going forward. 

If you’re a Salesforce user, you might try looking for a Salesforce CRM tool to help you with sales tracking. Taking this a step further, you can gamify your Salesforce CRM data with Ambition. In fact, Ambition has the leading gamification integration with Salesforce CRM. Ambition’s sales management system allows sales managers to create transparency around key sales metrics, improving sales visibility while making sales reporting a breeze. 

The Salesforce-Ambition integration lets users automate and gamify their sales tracking activity. When you connect Salesforce to Ambition, it will also bring in data from the integrations you have flowing into Salesforce. You can also embed sales scorecards into Salesforce, coach and improve sales productivity, and more. Ambition’s platform provides many ways in which users can engage with and manage sales tracking software.

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Sales Tracker App

A sales tracker app, much like sales tracking software, can be used to track sales and help you stay informed as to what’s going on with your sales process. A field sales tracking app can be especially useful for field reps, while the best sales tracking app for sales ops might look a little bit different. There are many different kinds of sales tracker apps you can utilize, depending on your specific role within the sales team.

Ambition can work well with your existing sales tools, allowing you to reach your peak potential. The platform offers rep performance management, as well as enterprise grade sales coaching, analytics, and gamification software. Using data-driven coaching and behavior-driving tools, Ambition enables sales leaders, managers, and employees to go further faster. 

With Ambition you can always know where you stand. Ambition syncs with your CRM and tech stack, turning overwhelming data into meaningful insights. You can also work to drive long-term behavior change by finding what motivates your team, and get a 360-degree view of every rep through coaching. Those that are currently using a sales tracker app and have found it to be successful might also benefit from a software platform like Ambition. 

Sales Tracking System

Large businesses in particular may struggle at times to effectively track their sales performance. With so many different moving components, these companies might feel lost and lose sight of the bigger picture. Thankfully, with a sales tracking system, they can better manage their sales process. Sales tracking systems often provide workflow templates so that teams know where their prospects stand and what steps should be taken next. 

The most advanced sales tracking system sts can offer detailed insights and guidance as to where you should be looking and what needs your immediate attention. Of course, if you are a smaller business with a less complex sales process, you may not see the need for a tracking system, but large companies will probably want to utilize a sales tracking system or app, at least to some extent. Needless to say, your sales tracking system of choice should align closely with your business objectives and help you perform daily tasks in a more efficient way. Choosing the wrong system, or using the right system incorrectly can hinder your sales process, so it’s important to ensure that it is compatible with your business operations.

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Sales Tracking Solutions

You have many different options when it comes to sales tracking solutions, customer tracking software, or even simple sales tracking. Ambition offers sales tracking software for goal management, automating goal tracking and, ultimately, the path to success. Individual, team, and organization-wide goals can all be easily tracked with Ambition’s sales tracking software. You can measure and visualize each rep’s contribution toward a team goal, leveraging accountability strategies and automating each rep’s progress toward individual goals in real time.


You can sync your dialer into Ambition’s sales tracking software to automatically track the number of calls each rep is making on their personalized scorecard. You can also use your CRM data in Ambition to show who is converting phone calls to meeting and pipeline. Users are able to integrate their conversation intelligence tools into Ambition to compete on key phrases or pitches their reps are instructed to make. Sales tracking software like Ambition allows sales leaders to get visibility into performance. It also enables them to impact performance by choosing flexible scorecard targets and other tools.

Sales Tracking Spreadsheet

A sales tracking spreadsheet is one of the most effective tools for managing sales tracking. Spreadsheets like these make it easy to access your information in one place, eliminating the need to jump from paper to paper, tool to tool. They can be used to review performance and view progress in real time. For instance, a monthly sales tracker Excel sheet could show you who is meeting which targets over a given period of time. 

A daily sales tracker, as the name implies, tracks your sales performance on a daily basis. However, there are also weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly trackers that can display your sales progress within a broader timeframe. Spreadsheets are a valuable tool that can help you make data-driven decisions and motivate your team. Having a visual representation of your performance is a great way to see what’s going well and what could be improved. 

Sales Tracking Template

A sales tracking template is similar to a sales tracking spreadsheet in that it provides key info and metrics in a centralized document. Sales tracking templates can be used to help design your sales tracking system and provide a solid framework with which you can work. Likewise, a sales tracking Excel sheet can help you stay organized and allow you to view your performance in an easily digestible way. Whatever type of online sales tracker template you’re looking for, it’s important to tailor it to your unique business model.

Ambition provides several different sales templates that are free to download. For instance, Ambition’s sales scorecard templates allow you to score your reps and track their performance. They come with built-in formulas, KPI examples, and a KPI calculator that show you the exact number of activities and objectives your reps need to complete on a daily or weekly basis in order to meet their objectives. This can allow them to stay on track to build pipeline and consistently hit targets. 

Over 5,000 sales managers use Ambition to power their sales scorecards. Many of the templates on Ambition’s website come directly from these managers to demonstrate how they manage activity and objectives successfully for their teams. Each of Ambition’s sales scorecard templates provides a unique look into the sales leaders’ specialized processes, allowing users to pick the formats that work best for their teams. 

Ambition also provides tips for creating your own templates. You should first identify your main goal and objectives. Then, identify the activities that lead to those objectives. Sales tracking templates are an excellent tool for staying on top of your sales tasks, no matter where you stand in the process. 


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