The Revenue Performance Platform™

Empower Your Revenue Team to Achieve Their Peak Potential

Ambition’s Revenue Performance Platform™ supports your revenue team from frontline sellers through executive leaders. With our Performance Intelligence, Coaching Orchestration, and Sales Gamification, you’ll create a positive culture of accountability and encouragement to help you hit and exceed goals. 

Ambition's Revenue Performance Platform™

Ready to unlock insights into your team’s revenue performance and fine tune your sales processes?

Take our 4-minute Revenue Performance Maturity Assessment and uncover gaps, identify opportunities, and gain valuable real-time recommendations to optimize success metrics, sales culture, coaching interactions, and tools in your tech stack.


Ambition’s Revenue Performance Platform™

Performance Intelligence

Leverage Ambition’s scorecards, metrics engine, and workflows to align on high-level revenue goals and individual rep expectations. With data in the hands of everyone, you’ll boost rep productivity by 25% and increase your win rate by 1%.

Coaching Orchestration

Bring consistency to coaching with programs, templatized 1:1 check-ins, and clear action plans. Sales managers who regularly engage with reps via knowledge transfer, skill training, feedback, and collaboration improve rep retention by 25%.

Sales Gamification

Keep reps motivated and in-seat longer with gamification. Competitions, leaderboards, and accolades in Ambition eliminate the manual steps from building and tracking contests, allowing you to celebrate individual and team wins in real time.