Free Sales Coaching Templates

Download our ready-to-use, plug-and-play sales coaching templates for Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets. These coaching templates are created and used by sales experts, from companies you know and trust.

There have been over 2,600 downloads of our templates this year. Go ahead and steal them, copy them, make them your own — and launch a performance-driving, culture-boosting coaching program today.

Free Sales Coaching Templates

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Sales coaching can take many different forms depending on your industry and what your team needs, but the main principles remain the same:

  • Reinforce Successful Behaviours
  • Grow Your Team’s Skills
  • Correct and Replace Ineffective Behaviors
  • Guide Your Team to Their Objectives

These core values provide the foundation of any good sales coaching strategy, however, other important details can be easy to overlook. That’s why Ambition has compiled this collection of industry-standard sales coaching templates to give you a headstart on creating your dream team.

Effective sales coaching is more than just a pipeline review or run down of your meetings this week. These coaching templates provide a look into how other sales managers and directors are developmentally coaching their reps to not only improve performance but increase path toward promotion and retain top talent.

We have a ton of coaching ideas and tips for everyone from sales enablement to SDR managers to VPs and more that can be found right inside these sales coaching templates.

A free coaching template provides an outline for you to develop your own coaching habits with your team. These templates give you a glimpse into how other sales managers and directors are successfully coaching their reps, so you can follow their lead and find your own path as you go. Most teams find it helpful to use them as a starting point for their own coaching initiatives, making changes for their individual processes as needed.

If you’ve never implemented a coaching strategy, it can feel daunting. But templates can be really helpful to get you started on the right path to coaching success. If you’ve tried coaching and haven’t seen the results you expect yet, coaching templates help guide you toward a proven method that might produce better results!

Templates also provide you with an easy way to explain the coaching process to the team—this way, they have a clear view of how coaching sessions will operate and can contribute feedback to any changes that need to be made to coaching initiatives over time.

You don’t have to be a seasoned coach to run effective coaching sessions with your team—you just need the right game plan to get you going, and that’s why we offer several template options. All you’ve got to do is copy the template, follow it, make it your own, and start seeing tangible change across your sales team.

Give one of our templates a try and let us handle the initial coaching strategy so you can focus on winning the game.

Our Meetings Set coaching template has been downloaded 66% more than any other coaching template in our gallery. The Meetings Set template comes with efficiency metrics and benchmarks to show performance improvement over time which helps managers show the efficacy of their sales coaching. If you manage an inbound or outbound SDR team who focuses on meetings or pipeline as a KPI, this is a great coaching template for you to try first!

98% of people say they’re more likely to stay with a company that offers ongoing coaching. Having clear visibility into the progress you and your team are making allows you to spot issues and rapidly make adjustments to keep you on track. Coaching can greatly impact your trajectory toward target goals and consistent productivity. Knowing whether or not to intercede with coaching can make or break individual sales rep and team growth.

Sales coaching allows sales managers to guide rep behavior, maintain accountability, increase productivity, and more. Some industry-standard best practices include:

  • Practicing coaching sessions on a regular basis to make them a consistent part of team and company culture
  • Formalizing the structure of meetings to ensure that everyone knows what to expect each time
  • Having learning expectations and resources in place to direct reps to to further their learning in between sessions

While each manager has their own favorite coaching methods, and different coaching ideologies work for different teams, these tips make up the foundations of a majority of successful coaching initiatives. And an Ambition sales coaching template can help you get started!

Sales templates help set you up for success by providing the necessary formal structure to start conducting regular, consistent coaching sessions. From there, you’re able to adjust your coaching questions, meeting structure, discussion topics, and more to guide your team toward KPIs. And once you get going with coaching, it becomes a habitual part of you and your team’s workflow, another tool for the ultimate sales success!

Ambition’s curated collection of Sales Coaching templates provides you with ready-to-use coaching programs created and used by sales experts we know and trust. These sales coaching templates give you the framework to immediately start running consistent, metric-based 1:1s that will increase your effectiveness, improve retention, and develop your team into smarter, stronger sellers.

The coaching templates call out why specific questions are important and they include observation, reflection, and application questions to leverage the format of the most effective coaching models.

We sourced these templates from our customers and other highly respected sales leaders so that you have options to choose from several different coaching templates and coaching styles that best match your sales coaching approach.

Since these coaching templates were created by sales experts, they’ve already done the hard part for you. With these sales coaching templates, you’ll be able to track and document important information like individual objectives and KPIs (use our scorecard templates if you’d like!), internal conversations, document responses, and more. These coaching templates help everyone from beginner coaches to seasoned vets who want to lean more into developmental coaching to help retain reps and attract talent. With over 2,600 downloads of our sales templates so far, we know sales coaching is getting a whole lot better. Try one yourself!