Automate Communications and Reinforce Culture Across Your Entire Revenue Organization

To operate at top efficiency levels, you need to break down team silos and improve cross-functional awareness and communication. In a work-from-anywhere world, the best sales technology amplifies rep accomplishments to drive culture and facilitate sales hand-offs. Using your main productivity tool like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or in-office TVs, rep milestones from Ambition can be amplified automatically to promote recognition, foster healthy competition, and accelerate go-to-market strategy.

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Amplification: The Power of Software

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Never Miss a Moment

To manually recognize every amazing sales moment every single time would be next to impossible—automate recognition and be the boss who never forgets

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Celebrate Wins in Real-Time

Engage SDRs, AEs, CSMs, Support, and other key GTM roles with Leaderboards that amplify daily, weekly, and monthly accomplishments

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Create an Amazing Culture

Attract new talent and retain top performers with a culture that celebrates, rallies, and mobilizes people around success

Amplify Rep Accomplishments in Real-Time

Get the Full Picture

Learn more about the four pillars that define Rep Performance Management.
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Optimize Team Visibility

Automate awareness right where work happens by integrating Ambition with Slack or Microsoft Teams to amplify key milestones and celebrate reps in real-time. When you offer line of sight to the entire team, you foster camaraderie and trust between colleagues and empower every revenue department—RevOps, Marketing, Enablement, Sales, and Success—to take the next right step more quickly.

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Motivate & Celebrate Reps in Real-Time

Qualified opportunities, meetings set, deals closed/won, contract renewals, customer reviews—sales professionals up and down the org chart live for these moments and they're worth celebrating every single time. With the right sales software, you'll never miss amplifying someone's win and you'll start to see a ripple effect. One meaningful win can motivate and rally an entire team to keep going.

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Cultivate a Culture of Positive Accountability

As the sales leader, your influence is great—it's you who call your reps to greatness and technology can help. By amplifying your rep successes first amongst their peers and then company-wide, you start to build a culture of positive accountability and loyalty that will truly move the mark. With an amazing sales culture, you will hit your targets, retain your top reps (and attract new ones), and find every human across the organization having fun along the way.

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" Ambition sends me halftime reports right before my reps go to lunch and another near the end of the day. I can also set up an alert for hitting a specific goal for the day. So, if reps go above and beyond what our daily expectations are, it automatically shoots them an email that says, ‘Hey, congrats you beat the daily expectation!‘"
- Sales Executive, Software